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Hello. My name is Donald Arthur Kronos.

This page is meant to be mainly an entry point to the rest of my web site. I'll try to keep it simple.

For starters, here's a link to a page about me:

I've got plans to improve my web site, but of course I have to set aside the time to do it. That's the hardest part.

Meanwhile, I'm moving the old page to timeline.php since it is mainly a chronological list of changes to the site.

I plan to add separate pages for stuff related to the Esper' language, the world-wide movement to make life better for everyone, the big lie that's keeping our elections from doing us any good and what we can do about it, and the book "Be the Angel" which I intend to release little by little this time rather than risk losing all my work when it's almost complete yet again.

Patience please as I get done what I can. I'm still recovering from the latest attempt on my life, and having to deal with the usual insanity they call our legal system here. In fact, I just got a ticket for riding my mobility device and told that I should get a wheel chair instead... as if I want to get worse instead of better.